Thank You Crime Survivors Elf’s Holly Day Boomers Event

To all those that donated their time and efforts,

     On behalf of the Ramirez Jr. Family, we would like to express our gratitude for all your hard work and efforts. As you all may know the hollidays are a very difficult time of year for all the families that have lost loved ones. I have lost a son to murder and everyday in my life i live day by day minute by minute as silly as it sounds thats the result of loosing our 17yr old Tony Ramirez the 4th.As i sit back and write these few words of gratitude, i remember all the smiles of my children and husband joining together and having a great time at Boomers even if it was only for the moment! As a mother to see the joy and the smiles once again bring not only a bandaid to my heart for the moment but the also bring warmth to my heart to see my family smile and laugh again. “i never thought i would see that again” So with deepest heart felt grattitude, i pray you continue to do what you do every year because we all know every minute there is a new victim. Hats off to all that participated in this event!
 Sincerly, Margaret Ramirez