With faith, there is hope, and this begins with helping one another in partnership with our community, law enforcement, judicial system, elected officials, and leaders alike. We are here to help you because every person is deserving of love, respect, and dignity.


Crime Survivors vision is for victims of crime to recover from their experience mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially, by receiving the respect, support, and protection of law enforcement, the judicial system, and the community.


The mission of Crime Survivors is to provide hope and healing to victims and survivors of crime through advocacy and the support of resources, information, and empowerment from the critical time after a crime occurs through the challenges and successes of surviving and thriving.


  • We believe that no one should feel abandoned or alone and that every person is deserving of love, respect and dignity.

  • We believe that the best way to help others with hope and healing is to work in partnership with our community, law enforcement, elected leaders, and members of the media.

  • We believe that all of us together can lift each other out of darkness and into the light of a restored heart and life.

  • We believe that every broken heart, every hurt, every wound can be healed with love and a strong community of support.

  • We believe in hopeful healing.

  • We believe that with faith, there is always hope.



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Every broken heart, every hurt, and every wound needs a community of support which starts with a strong foundation built upon the indispensable partnerships we have with our sponsors and partners. Our gratitude for these companies, organizations, and agencies knows no bounds!

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