We serve our community by promoting awareness, advocating for rights, focusing on prevention, and prioritizing healing. If you don’t know where to turn, or are confused or frustrated with the public services that are available to you as you recover or seek justice, Crime Survivors can help. All of us together can lift one another out of darkness with critical support, empowerment, resources, and information.


Pledge to Support Victims of Crime and Tell Your Elected Officials To Do the Same

Crime Survivors works in your community to make victims’ rights a top priority. We facilitate communication and cooperation across various public service, government and non-profit organizations to ensure that victims’ rights are understood, and that the services victims are entitled to are received. If you think you are not receiving the assistance you should, please contact us.


As crime continues to increase in our communities and neighborhoods and victims’ resources become harder to come by, the need for awareness and understanding has never been greater. Crime Survivors is singularly focused on making sure that our leaders and influencers are not only aware of the needs of victims, but committed to promoting and supporting pro-crime survivor policies and practices throughout the criminal justice system.


Crime Survivors is the one advocacy group that not only understands the needs of crime victims, but more importantly how to translate those needs into real action and results. Through the strength, experience and endless commitment of its entire team, Crime Survivors is breaking through all the red tape and political correctness and changing the way victims are treated in the criminal justice system.


The best form of prevention is always education. Crime Survivors is one of the leading “victims-focused” educators in Southern California. Whether it is training law enforcement, testifying in front of legislative committees, or sitting down with the family and support structure of a newly created crime victim, the organization is able to share an unmatched level of knowledge, care and experience. This unique approach creates both awareness and understanding among a broad set of groups and truly sets the stage for not only prevention, but putting the needs of crime victims first.


Overcoming any obstacle in life involves courage, strength and persistence. Surviving a crime is not something that happens overnight. It is a lifetime journey that requires unwavering love, understanding and support. Crime Survivors, through its committed team, is that lifetime partner and advocate. By focusing on the positive empowerment of crime victims, this amazing organization transforms the weak into the powerful, the scared into the brave and turns victims into SURVIVORS. In order to overcome tragedy you need strength. And crime survivors provides every survivor with a clear path to hope, healing and inevitably strength.


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