Would getting a Casserole help you with Hopeful Healing?

Who gets a casserole???

When ones are diagnosed with cancer, family members get a casserole.

When there is a fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, destruction or hardship, they too get a casserole.

When ones are killed in the military, their loved ones get a casserole.

When law enforcement, medic, fire and service providers are killed, their families get a casserole.

When children are effected in anyway, their parents get a casserole.

We can clearly as family, friends, neighbors and co-workers understand, why the above get a casserole, they should.

However, keep this in mind that the majority of the time,,,
Victims and survivors of crime, do not get a casserole.
Ones with Mental Illness and their Families, never get a casserole.

Join us this next year to stop the stigmas, shame, blame, judgement or making ones feel as if they are undeserving of a casserole.

Don’t be afraid, it could happen to you and your family, wouldn’t you want or need a casserole?

Let’s all start caring about everyone else a little more, sharing and giving a casserole to a victim, survivor or someone with mental illness, or their families in 2016!!!