Victim Emergency Bag

Crime Survivors, Inc. receives feedback from law enforcement and victims of crime on the Child and Adult Victim Emergency Bags Program.

 “The victim emergency bags provided by Crime Survivors Inc. are a valuable resource for our officers who often deal with traumatized victims of sexual assault and other violent crimes.  The resource contributes greatly to the overall comfort and support we are able to provide to victims following a traumatic experience.”
Irvine Police Department

“The Newport Beach Police Department has partnered with Crime Survivors for almost three years now.  In that time we have integrated the resource guides and the adult, as well as child, victim emergency bags with our other emergency response equipment.  We have found Crime Survivors to be a compliment to our response efforts”.
Newport Beach Police Department

“We in Law Enforcement strive to be the strongest advocates for victims of crime. It is our duty and our passion! Crime Survivors is a worthy partner advocating for those victims.” “Crime Survivors is a valuable resource partner serving our advocacy of victims in our community with the victim emergency bags and resource guides.”
“Crime Survivors serves our crime victims, partnering with us to advocate for them in their worst momenta.” “No one deserves to be victimized and the police must tenaciously advocate to the best of their ability for those who are.”
– Seal Beach Police Department

“As a veteran of law enforcement, and one who has been to thousands of domestic violence scenes, I only wish we had the Crime Survivor bags 20 years ago. These victim bags have helped calm many a situation while reassuring the victim and their children that we care for their well being. Watching a child play with a toy or have a book to read from a victim bag during a traumatic event only shows the needs for these bags to be in every patrol officer’s car. They are a wonderful way to connect with the community during their time of need and support.”
Officer on Patrol

First of all, thank you for the last group of bags.  We used them up right away.  And we are already in need of more replacements.  It looks like we are going through the child bags at quite a rate.  We need 25 child bags and 15 adult bags.  Please let me know how you would like to proceed.

Today, I gave two (1-child, 1-Adult) Crime Survivor victim bags from patrol Unit #  to a woman and her 4-year old son on a felony Domestic Violence case . I was the Spanish translator on the case.  The bags were very well received – the boy loved the items which included the let’s meet officer frank book and crayons.

Follow up e-mail reference the victims emergency bags and resource
guides.  We are interested in possibly obtaining 25 more adult bags and 25
more children bags.I will be your contact person here at UCIPD.

I met with the Patrol Watch Commanders yesterday and discussed the Victim Emergency Bags.  What I would like to do is order the bags.  I want to confirm I can pay for them with my departments credit card?  Also, the selected method of training will be handled by the lieutenant’s individually with each shift.  I will provide them with a handout and they in turn will meet with their Patrol Teams. 
Anaheim Police Department

Survivor of Rape sent in a survey card that was in the back of the Crime Survivors Resource Guide and stated how thankful she was to have the hand body sanitizer and suggested that in the future we put a half gallon bucket in there.

Domestic Violence Survivor said the stress ball to her was more of an anger ball and that she picked the ball apart into little pieces and it didn’t take what happened to her away but she was able to release a little of her anger.

In the words of a Domestic Violence Survivor. Who would have thought toothpaste and a tooth brush would be so appealing and taste better then the blood in my mouth.

A Survivor of Robbery was so thankful to have the Resource Guide to reach Crime Survivors and to walk them through the process after being told she should have just been thankful it was a robbery and not an assault and then given the guide. She was so shaken up that the robber went through her undergarment drawer and we were able to guide her so she could get counseling and support.

A crime survivor just called to thank CSI for the Victim Emergency Bag she received from an officer and stated how it provided her resources she never knew even existed and that the journal and pen was such a help in writing out her feelings and important contacts to keep on hand. One small gesture to empower another to survive and thrive.

Deputy —- called to let us know that the child and adult victim emergency bags are an amazing program and he wanted to thank our organization for partnering with his department and to let us know that it is helping him a great deal while working in the field. He also shared how his daughter was victimized years ago and he wished this program would have been available for her and their family.

A Deputy with the Orange County Sheriff Department after a briefing came up to Patricia and gave her a $25.00 cash donation and said thanks for doing what you are doing and keep doing it. She asked him for his card or contact and he said not necessary.

Deputy with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department called to share her personal survival and to thank Patricia for sharing hers and helping to empower other victims of crime. She stated she had seen the victim emergency bags in the back of her unit but didn’t know what they were for until Patricia came to the briefing. With survival in her voice she said trust me I will now be giving out these bags and when you need help putting them together call on us and we will help anyway we can. She again thanked, Patricia and Crime Survivors, Inc.

A very powerful bag and booklet was provided to me by the police department after being attacked by my boyfriend.  This has restored my belief that there are still ones out there in the World that care and I know now going through this I didn’t have to be alone and there are important organizational contacts in this booklet to help me know who to call and even provided books to read to live life past this attack.  Thanks for caring. 

Sexual Assault Survivor thanks Law Enforcement for the lotion and first aid kit. Those cops really do care about us. Thanks, Crime Survivors and Law Enforcement. Can we get you to send more of the pins and bracelets to give to my friends?

Wow the blanket and stuffed animal was so calming for my children on the side of the road after being struck by a drunk driver. We were not physically hurt however our emotions were all over the map. Thank you for your service to our community.

Hello ma’am, You came to my patrol school today (Wednesday) and spoke to us.  I just wanted you to know that I was amazed and touched by your story, and I wanted to thank you for sharing something to personal with us.  For me, it really touched off a lot of memories of abuse I suffered from my mother and my extremely hard road to recovery.  I think I was starting to tear up but there’s no crying in patrol! 🙂 You are an amazing person, and I hope someone is telling you everyday.  And as I start my training, I will remember your story when I have to be with a victim and do everything I can for her/him!  it will be an honor to provide the victim emergency bag along with the resource guide. Thank you again.

One deputy hates the ball in the kids bag because he said the kid is throwing the ball everywhere and he has to retrieve it, the investigator next to him shared the scenario of the child chasing the ball and being focused on the ball that when asked where he was touched he was showing where that was so the investigator told us to keep the ball in the bag and told the deputy to fetch the ball.