The Aftermath of the Seal Beach Shooting

Letter from the Board President:
The Aftermath of the Seal Beach Shooting
            On October 12, 2011, at about 1:30 PM, Orange County was rocked by one of the worst shootings in its history: The Seal Beach Massacre.  On that cool and breezy beach day, a heavily armed gunman, Scott Dekrai, is accused of entering The Meritage Hair Salon and murdering eight people in cold blood and severely wounding another.
            We here at Crime Survivors Inc. extend our heart felt condolences and sympathy to the victims, their survivors, and every person who has been affected by this tragic event.  This incident has left an indelible mark of sorrow in our hearts that we as an organization bare deeply.
            As I watch and read the news reports I cannot help but notice a common theme: “I cannot believe this happened in Seal Beach.”  This complacency is not uncommon in the beautiful Southern California region we call home.  Nevertheless, let this tragedy bring a ray of awareness to our community that this could have happened anywhere.  Family violence has no boundaries.  Every type and classification of people face trials and tribulations in their relationships that have the potential for violence.
            Please continue to support each other after this incident and break any paradigm that violence only happens to certain people in certain places.  If you know of someone who is going through some form of abuse, find someway to get involved and get them help, their life may depend on it.  You can contact us here at Crime Survivors, we have many resources, and we are here to help.          
Cameron Knauerhaze, President of the Board
Crime Survivors Inc.