Thanks to All…!!! Survivors Gift Drive, Wrapping Night and Elf’s Holly Day!

This Holiday Season, we would like to especially thank all that have sponsored, donated in kind and volunteered for our Survivors Gift Drive, Wrapping Night and Elf’s Holly Day!

We were able to provide Hopeful Healing for the Holidays to 671 Victims, Survivors and Families! (376 Children and 241 Adults attended our Elf’s Holly Day Program and an Additional 54 were provided items by Home Delivery and Postal Mail)

A Special Thanks to our Board of Directors, Council Advisory, Rank & File, Boomers Locations and Volunteers that made this year’s program a great success!

This is the true meaning of Christmas!!!!

We thank all that are listed below and all that are most generous and supportive for victims, survivors, families and our community. We are truly most grateful! Thank You!

A Special Thanks to the following:

~Board of Directors Donors & Participants~
Janet Wilson-Irving
Thomas Laing
Frances Rodriguez
Ernie Castelo
Matt Regan
Steve Katz
Elizabeth Rivas
Debra Osborne
Beverly Johnson
Randy Burba
John Adair
Jennifer Alcaraz

~Sponsors, In Kind Donors, Volunteers and Supporters~
Chris Kelly
Ally Fitzgerald
Amanda Johnston
Ami Davis
Anneliese Morgan
Anonymous Donors x 9
Armenta Learning Academy
Audrey Burba
Bail Action Committee 9bac-pac)
Bail Bond Professionals
Becki Donatelli
Beth Anderson
Bob Miller
Boomers Fountain Valley
Boomers Irvine
Brittany Burba
Byron Lundy
California Highway Patrol
Campaign Solutions
Carol Lamphier
Caryn Winslow
Christopher Haukom
City of Irvine
City of Mission Viejo
County of Los Angeles
Courtney Rayburn
Creative Face Painting & Balloon Art
Deanna Amann
Debbie Logan
Destiny Eskandari
Dienna Rogers
Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.
Don & Susan Kang Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Donna and Mike Muleady
Dora Pepper
Dustin Call
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Employees Community Fund of Boeing California
Frank Caruso
Gaye Mistrella
Get Safe
Gheida and Dominic Montalbano
Gina Widjahn
Gloria Barajas
Gloria Garcia Eskandari
Hailey Laing
Haz Rentals
Hits 101 Radio
Home Depot
Irina Wallace
Irvine Lanes
Isabella Sandoval
Ivette Duenas
Janice Laing
Jaqueline Longer Hallal
Jeff Corless
Jennifer Lundy
Jeremy Kenney
Jerry Lundy
John and Cindy Erdag
John Rayburn
Johnson & Bertram LLP
Juan Pablo Forsen
Justin Lundy
Kaitlin Lundy
Kathleen Cady and John Pomroy
Katie Freeman
Kelsey Eiben
Knotting Knitters
Kristin Lamphier
Laura Herzog
Leliani Eskandari
Leslie Vu
Linda Calderon
Linda Pearce
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Los Angeles Police Department
Mackenzie Lundy
Magdalia Arredondo
Maria DiGiovanni
Milad Eskadari
Nancy Chansavang
Nathaniel Wenskunas
Nguyet Do
Nicole Toumayan
Orange County Bail Bonds
Orange County Community Foundation
Orange County Fire Authority
Pam Balducki
Premiere Bail Bonds
Randy Burba and Family
Rebecca Lai
Rebecca Magdaleno
Renato and Jeannine Specchierla
Sams Club
Sandy Silva
Santa Ana Kiwanis Club Foundation
Sarah Brackman
Seila Aresh
Shana Kotsiris
Sheila Cook-Cohen
Sheryl Binar
Signature Bail Bonds
Stevan Collins
Steve Secofsky
Steven Mousseau
Stuart Haskin
Supervisor Michael D. Antonovic
The Exchange Club of Cornoa Del Mar
The Roosters Foundation
Toys for Tots
U Haul
UCIrvine Police Department
UPS Employees
UPS Foundation
Venture Strategic
Wal Mart
Waste Management
Weingart Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank
William Gray

If we forgot to list you above, it is not intentional, let us know, so we can add you. Please know, we are so very grateful for every one of our sponsors, donors and volunteers for being part of Team CSI.

With Much Gratitude and Hopeful Healing!
Team Crime Survivors