Survivor Corner – post by MaryAnn

I think that we live in a morally bankrupt society. Murder, rape, child abuse, teen pregnancy, homeless, junkies are all part of our normal daily vocabulary. We see it, here it, are bombarded with it on a daily basis have become desensitized to it It’s in the paper and on the news every day. We may gasp and say” that’s terrible” than go on with our day. After having my son shot and killed by who knows every murder makes my hair stand on end. 
I was reading through face book the other day and someone was asking for any information about a 17 or 18 year old girl found dead shot in her drive way. This sent a spear through my heart. I don’t know why the United Stated of America will send are troops to other countries to fight terrorism when we have it every day here and it is never addressed.  Some fanatics flew are planes into the twin towers killing thousands and we have been hunting them down for 10 years (and rightly so) I have two boys with two tours of duty as Marines under their belts. One in Afghanistan as I speak.  If a dog bits someone they put it down. If a shark kills a swimmer we hunt down every shark till we find the right one. A gang member guns down another child and it seems as if it is passed over, murders that go unsolved. No evidence, no proof, no way to find them or convict them.  It happens every day, every day. Most people don’t even notice it any more it has become part of our daily lives. This makes me so sad.
 In the 1950’s divorce was considered a scandal, today who cares everyone does it.
The United States has the largest prison population in the world. Why? Not because we have the most people but because crime has become no big deal any more.
Well it is a big deal to me. Every time I think about my 17 year old son I wonder who killed him, and what he would be like today.
I wish i was in charge of the criminals because we would have a lot less of them. Why should someone sit on death row for 20/30 years with appeals while the families never see justice? Prisoners go to school, get health care, three hoots and a cot, a union all paid for by the very people they have harmed.  It costs thousands every year to house and feed a criminal. Not to mention the cost of legal defense and appeals.
I am not sure what is worse, not knowing who killed my son, or knowing and trying to grind my way through the swamp of are legal process.
The machine will come to a hault when someone with the powers that be has this whole thing land on their door step. When it is there child or loved one.
There needs to be some sort of incentive to stay in line. If nothing happens to you then why follow the rules. And in my not so humble opinion if you are so broken and break the big rules, are a danger to others we should send you back to your maker for repairs.
The things we tolerate would never be tolerated in other countries. I have heard people say that it is barbaric to have capital punishment, or not give prisoners some rights and decent treatment. Well what do you call rape and torture, shooting a young boy from a moving car and leaving him to die in the gutter?? Why should they get better treatment than the victim?