A few years ago, I was a victim of an armed robbery at my workplace. I was not going to resist,but, he wasn’t there for just the money. During the attack, I was stabbed, kicked, beaten,and shot. As a result of this, I was told I would not walk again. My neck was broken in two places, I lost sight in my left eye and the hearing in my left ear, my jaw is wired together. I know it is said you do not fight back. I wouldn’t  have if it hadn’t came down to me or him. I broke his right arm,three ribs,and his nose. It took the police 45 mins. to respond to the call,even though there were several units sitting next door at a restaurant.  The manager of a gas station across the street saw what was happening and called. He also got in his truck and followed them when they left the store, he’s the one that told the police where they were. We finally had a trial, the thing was , no one informed me of it. The police came and arrested me because the judge had issued a bench warrant. I still have my mug shot and fingerprint cards.When they found out a mistake had been made, they bent over backwards to be nice. It was an assistant manager I trained, he sat in the car and sent his friend in the store with his keys. The friend was out on bond, he had shot and stabbed his wife to death. Today,I volunteer for Polly Klass and Unsolved Homicides. Also, I do walk.