Marsy’s Law will provide enforceable constitutional rights to victims of crime and treat victims with the fairness and respect they deserve.

Crime Victims Bill of Rights:


·         Marsy’s Law will constitutionalize victim’s rights in the California State Constitution. The passage of Marsy’s Law gives California one of the most comprehensive victim’s Bill Of Rights in the nation.

·         Marsy’s Law requires law enforcement to provide all victims of crime a Marsy’s Card. Marsy’s Rights Card will inform crime victims of their enforceable constitutional rights.

·         Marsy’s Law promises victims will be treated with fairness and will not be revictimized by a justice system that currently protects the rights of the criminally accused and convicted over the rights of victims. 


Essential Parole Reform and Truth in Sentencing:


·         Marsy’s Law reforms our parole system by removing the current practice of allowing prisoners with life sentences to have parole hearings every year at the expense of the California taxpayer. Parole hearings for life sentenced inmates would be used sparingly and with the victim’s rights in mind.

·         Marsy’s Law provides that a convicted murderer will not receive a parole hearing every year and can be denied a follow-up parole hearing for as long as 15 years. 
Marsy’s Law requires the victims to be notified when convicted criminals are scheduled to appear before a parole hearing. This gives victims the right to be heard in parole hearings, ensuring proper justice is served.

·         Marsy’s Law spares families of homicide victims the emotional trauma of parole hearings every year will and stop the waste of millions of taxpayer dollars.

·         Marsy’s Law requires convicted criminals to serve their sentences as prescribed by a judge and jury. Prisoners would not be given the chance to have their sentences forgiven. Requiring prisoners to serve their entire sentence ensures justice is done.