Patricia's Contribution Challenge

Patricia Wenskunas and Founder / CEO of Crime Survivors, Inc., asks you to show your support for all victims of crime and to allow all of our voices to be heard and to be allowed rights as a victim.  
Patricia starts this contribution challenge with $100.00.
Let’s see how much we can get this challenge up to. 
Pass onto friends and family also. Get involved….

We would not want anyone to have to endure the pain, suffering or experience of being a victim of a crime or to be told sorry you have no rights and you went from being the victim to the witness in the courts eyes. If this ever happened to you, a family member, a friend or a co worker wouldn’t you want to have rights in the legal system?

Join Forces and show your support. Match Patricia’s contribution or choose an amount that your budget will allow if it is more — great, if it is less — that is also great. Any and all amounts are appreciated and accepted.


Contact Patricia to meet her challenge at [email protected] or at (949) 872-7895.