Mother of Sexually Abused Child “Survivors”


How do you pick up the pieces after someone you knew and trusted, sexually abused your child?

Innocence has been stolen – replaced by depression, withdrawal, anxiety, restless / sleepless nights, emotional breakdown, over-eating / drinking, anger, intimacy issues, daily triggers and trust issues, are some of the issues I am dealing with – all because my daughter is the victim of a child sexual predator.

I used to be productive and motivated – now it’s a struggle to get out of bed. Nighttime is the hardest, when things quiet down, thoughts and emotions stir up. I have cried myself to sleep too many times & had to go on medication for depression. Our sense of safety has been shattered – and I don’t think you ever fully recover from something like this.

We will live with the scars from this past conduct and worry that our daughter may always think it’s “OK” to be abused and taken advantage of. She has shut down and will not speak about it. (she has a therapist)

We are moving from hell to well, and trying to survive and thrive. Crime Survivors has helped with support, resources, guidance, and has helped me raise awareness about child sexual abuse and the grooming process. I can’t start my day without checking the Facebook posts with empowering, thoughtful messages to give me the strength to face another day. Crime Survivors has really been the sole source of my healing process and I can’t thank them enough for all they have helped me through!

Mother of Sexually Abused Child “Survivors”