mother of a spousal rape victim

I’m the mother of a spousal rape victim, Regan Martin. My daughter’s story was on the front pg. of Chgo Trib. She is the woman in the video on your blog. See additional links below.

What the Tribune story doesn’t tell you is she was handcuffed, raped and beaten, he called 911 and gave a written and oral confession, there was physical and forensic evidence which all allowed the DA to charge him with sexual criminal assault, unlawful restraint and aggravated domestic violence. While out on bond he continued to repeatedly rape her, he burnt her with a propane torch and tried to convince her to commit suicide. Then they let him plea down to Agg Dom Viol. and thus out of the sex crime status. All subsequent cases are now kept from seeing the true seriousness of his crime.

There’s a federal bill being brought putting a stop to plea bargaining out of the sex crime status when ther is a confession and physical or forensic evidence, here’s a link wher I talk about it.

He’s broken every court order, from prison, on parole, in jail. My daughter has prosecuted him all the way 5x’s viol OP. (4 guilty verdicts) For this he got 1 yr and 30 months probation. We’ve just received notice his release date is 12/20/2010 with just 1yr of parole. We know we will be back in court on child visitation. How can anyone think this monster should have parental rights?

Why isn’t Domestic Violence thought of and treated as torture? Domestic Violence has to establish itself as real in order to exist. The game that’s played in the media is little more than cover up and confuse who is doing what to whom and thus condone domestic violence. OP’s are not honest, they do little to nothing to protect nor is there much done to hold batters accountable. Women are being blamed for getting themselves beat and raped by men we know and then chastised for not liking them afterwards. Victims often face disbelief and blame, why?

Violence against women is systematically tolerated by our government.  It’s time to ask the justice system, what are you doing? The law’s ability to do nothing while looking like it is doing something is terrible. American women protest domestic battery and romantic love as an excuse for killing them. The law cares more for men blushing then women bleeding. Law should reflect reality.

Women are treated as second class citizens, discriminated against, thought to be liars, we’re objects for sexual use in movies on TV, it dehumanizes  and humiliates us.

Domestic abuse is often made into love gone wrong, the more “feminized” the victim’s become, the less hesitant other men will intervene and the more human rights are violated and violence condoned.

My daughter was All-American her senior year and won a full scholarship to Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL. He has also beaten her little boys. When Chase was 2 and under his neglectful father’s care he fell 3 stories he almost died.

My daughter is in the court her on a 5th violation and is looking into federal stalking laws.

Harvard Law Prof Diane Rosenfeld has helped us and successfully gotten a GPS placed on him. We believe it saved my child and grandchildren’s lives. We’ve asked for it to be placed back on him upon his release.

Spousal Rape is rarely spoken about, will you help to shatter the silence of this crime.