Meet Stuart Haskin CSI Council Member

Stuart Haskin has dedicated more than 30 years of his life to helping build stronger, safer communities; he has conducted seminars and workshops for tens of thousands across the country that inspire and empower men, women and children to live a life of confidence.

Stuart Haskin is a state-certified crisis counselor, a Reserve Sergeant with Orange County Sheriff’s Department, and an advocate for victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. This supports his commitment to women’s safety training, and his work with sexual assault and domestic violence survivors.

His recently published book, The Gift of Freedom: A Stronger, Safer, You is utilized by law enforcement, educators, and community programs across the country-sharing Stuart’s belief that everyone can benefit from learning a few simple techniques to keep them safe in an increasingly unsafe world. 

He has created innovative safety, advocacy, and mentoring curricula for children, teens, and persons with disabilities, such as Stronger, Safer Teens, which have been utilized by thousands of programs.

Get Safe’s Train the Trainers Certification Program has been an overwhelming success with educators, enhancing their personal safety presentations to students ages 5 to 80. Stuart’s continued efforts in universally advocating strength and safety have proved successful with especially women who are survivors of sexual assault and with persons with disabilities.