Meet Kevin McDonald CSI Council Member

As Executive Vice President and Director of Compliance Practices at Irvine-based Alvaka Networks, Kevin McDonald leads the company’s security and regulatory consulting practices. He also acts as a primary spokesperson and drives operations.  Kevin is Chairman of the Orange County Sheriff/Coroner’s, Community Technology Advisory Council (C.T.A.C.) and President of the Tech Coast Venture Network.  He is an award winning children’s advocate who is passionate about changing the human condition for the better. For much of the past fifteen years, he has dedicated his professional skills, extensive life experience, and  personal resources to intervening on vital societal issues. From pushing for prevention education and the prosecution of personal and corporate cyber crimes, to fighting for the eradication of domestic abuse and child pornography, Kevin is recognized as a tireless advocate for those who are least able to defend themselves.

Kevin is a leader in the fight to eradicate Internet Predators, and child sex trafficking in America. Over the past decade, he has become an expert in the social and public policy challenges surrounding these issues. He is a strong believer that teen homelessness, the ever growing number of broken or fractured families, and the early hyper-sexualization of our children are a national tragedy. He is a sought-after panelist, writer and presenter.

Kevin is a trusted advisor to some of America’s most influential people. He serves as an advisor to high worth individuals, state and federal legislators, law enforcement, national corporate and charitable boards, abuse prevention professionals and businesses of all sizes. He advises them on the issues surrounding advanced technology, crime prevention, personal and digital security and more. He has lobbied on both a state and national level for nearly a decade to get our laws changed to recognize the rights of sex trafficking and assault victims and to not have those same victims treated as criminals or second class citizens. Kevin is the author of the teen novel, Practically Invisible and producer and host of FACETS Television, a human interest show that runs every Friday on Time Warner in Orange County California and on the Internet.