Meet CSI Treasurer, Ernie Castelo

You may have read his name and seen his face at pretty much all of the CSI events-he is the one and only, Ernie Castelo. Here is a little more about Ernie…

Ernie Castelo has been a a broadcast journalist for more than 15 years. He has experience in front of the camera and behind the scenes. He recently started his own production company, Skyline Mediacast Productions. He is currently in production on two television news magazine pilots, California Skyline and The American Highway.

Along with his productions, Ernie also serves on the Board of Directors for the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in General Business from The University of the State of New York.

I have worked with Ernie on many occasions and can personally say he’s an all around great guy. Don’t let his meek presence fool you–he loves helping others and he’s committed to the CSI cause. On a side note-the guy is hilarious. He has that good dry sense of humor that will catch you off guard and at the same time, put you at ease in any situation.

If you see Ernie at a CSI event, make sure you say hello.