In memory and honor of the men and women of law
enforcement who risk their lives every day for our safety.
May it never be forgotten as you patrol your “beats”
that you are human too, simply protecting our streets.
You close your eyes each night when you fall asleep,
praying to survive the challenges we know that you will meet.
Your oath is very sacred, you are honorable and true
The uniform is the same, green, brown, gray, black or blue.
The morals and values you represent are ones chosen by God,
You must do your best to succeed, to shine in your job.
The people of the community rely on you to protect,
They may not always show it, but for you they have respect.
The dangers and the pressures that face you are present every day,
And our thoughts and prayers are with you every step of the way.
The support may seem very minimal from those of us out here,
But know in your heart that for most of us, one thing is very clear……
You are a law enforcement officer, a cop, a “savior in blue”
No greater respect can be shown for anyone like the respect we have for you.
We may not always show it, but on “Christmas Day”,
Know that our prayers are with you always, as you keep danger away.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!