Marsy's Law thumb's up

I applaud the success of the campaign for Proposition 9 (Marsy’s Law). At last, crime victims will get a fair shake from the legal system. The Victim’s Bill of Rights passed several years ago was a good beginning, and now with the protections in Prop. 9 crime victims will be treated with the same regard and dignity by the law as crime perpetrators.
Those who worked so hard to pass this initiative owe a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Henry Nicholas who was a great supporter of the campaign. Most people may not know that murder victim Marsy Nicholas, the inspiration for this proposition, was Dr. Nicholas’ sister. Since that killing, some 25 years ago, Henry has been a consistent, firm and generous supporter of victims rights in California. His efforts to help victims of crime can never be overlooked, and we own him our gratitude.

Vincent De Vargas, Placentia
President, Crime Survivors Inc