Letter to Editor by Genelle and Jack Reilley LA Times "High Court Sides With Parolee"

We read your article with disbelief and shock, then sadness. Justices George, Kennard, Werdegar and Moreno made a horrible, insane decision that is an outrage to all homicide survivors and a gross insult to all murder victims.
There are so many things wrong with this decision. Here are just a few.

…The U.S. Supreme Court noted that 90% of all prisoners are found unsuitable for parole, while 85% are found unsuitable at the second and subsequent hearings. Justice George trashes this finding, apparently determining that there are “good” murderers. Sandra Lawrence is the jurist’s example, she viciously murdered a woman without provocation then escaped arrest for eleven years.

…The Justices think it wonderful that Lawrence used state resources to educate herself and used her time productively. In their decision these actions make a murderer worthy of parole. The victim is still dead. Will the Justices give living victims and homicide survivors a parole from the life sentence of loss and suffering given them by “good” murderers?

…The Justices say the viciousness of the crime is not important, not to them anyway. What a insulting, warped, evil opinion. Apparently victims and survivors mean nothing to these judges, its all about the welfare of the murderer. To them it is all about the process, no consideration of the crime or the victim.

…The Justices have sent a message to all prisoners that they can “game” the judicial process and that George and the others can be rolled.

…Justice George has usurped the authority of the Governor to protect society by denying parole to vicious killers, rapists, pedophiles and molesters. Fortunately Californians can get rid of arrogant, wrong headed jurists. Remember Rose Bird.

Thank you for reading.  
Genelle and Jack Reilley

Our daughter, Robbin Brandley, was murdered at Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo in 1986. Her murder is not solved.