Law Enforcement Veteran Support for CSI

Dear Patricia,
I wanted to take a few minutes to acknowledge and congratulate you on the outstanding work you and others have accomplished through Crime Survivors Inc. over the past 10-years.  Your great philanthropic works have not gone unnoticed.
As a 32-year law enforcement veteran I have, far too often, witnessed victims of crime unable to break the bonds of psychological trauma as a result of being victimized.  Often with nowhere to turn many victims suffer psychological struggles long after the event and at times have difficulty breaking the cycle of victimhood.  I have even observed crime victims being treated with skepticism and even distain by certain entities in the legal system. This of course causing the victim to feel re-victimized and in some cases creating even more anguish than the actual event itself.
However hundreds of victims, turned survivors, have you and your CSI team to thank for assistance in putting their lives back together.  You have provided them with resources and survival skills allowing them the freedom of knowing they don’t have to live with the stigma and suffering of being a victim.
I am also well aware that often humanitarian efforts come at a steep emotional price.  I would encourage you to continue, whole heartedly, what God has called you to do and never let critics test your resolve.