LASD’s Victim’s Assistance efforts


LASD Official Colorstar

Thank you for contacting me regarding Crime Survivors Inc.  The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has successfully worked with Crime Survivors Inc. for nearly a decade.  The services provided by Patricia Wenskunas and her organization have proven invaluable to crime victims in Los Angeles County as well as the law enforcement first responders.  With Patricia’s assistance, we have provided over 250 child and 250 adult victim emergency bags, 2,500 “Let’s Meet Deputy Frank” books, 1,000 “What’s Happening in Court” books, and more than 50,000 L.A. County Resource Guidebooks to crime victims and their families.

I have worked closely with Patricia over the past 5 years in developing better programs for LASD’s Victim’s Assistance efforts.  She has been instrumental in training new deputy sheriffs in the academy and in providing refresher training to field officers on victim’s assistance.

The residents of L.A. County are better today because of Patricia’s dedication to supporting crime victims and the efforts of first responders in dealing with the inevitable trauma associated with violent crime.  Funding for additional emergency bags is crucial to our efforts in providing this valuable resource to these victims.

Thank you for your consideration.  Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Best Regards,

Assistant Sheriff Michael J. Rothans

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department