Invocation by Ryan Burris – Hopeful Healing

ryan burris photo 1

Dear Heavenly Father:

We thank you for this night and for the friends who have gathered here to celebrate 10 years of Hopeful Healing.

Father, we invite you to be with us this evening. We invite you into this room. We praise you and we thank you for all of your blessings.

We thank you for all of the people in this room who have chosen to be warriors for us: law enforcement; fire and medical personnel; counselors and therapists; members of the media; district attorneys and prosecutors. Yes, Lord, we even thank you for lawyers!

Father, we thank you for Patricia – for the last 10 years of her life and for her example of turning pain and suffering and victimization into something that is good and healing and powerful.

We thank you for her gifts and passions – both of which were revealed through her suffering. All of us who know her know that she is tough and tenacious, just the way you made her – she is dangerous for good! And we thank you for that!

Father, there are people hurting tonight; victims and survivors who need your healing touch and presence. We know that you stand at the door and knock and that if any man hears your voice and opens the door, you will come to them.

Lord, we pray that many doors are opened tonight. We pray for healing.

Our world needs your love and peace and we invite you here to fill this place with your presence.