Intro * Reference * Survival

I was first introduced to Crime Survivors, Inc. through a brochure I received from a friend about their annual 5K Run/ Walk Health and Safety Expo. After my son Anthony was murdered I needed as much help as I could get and sought out all help available.  I was reading about some of the speakers and events that were planned and was quite impressed. I wondered why I hadn’t heard of them before thinking maybe they were new to the area from another part of the country. Then I had found out they had just started in 2003. When I went to the 5K and saw all the resources I was even more impressed! I received a resource guide and met Patricia Wenskunas, the force behind the beginning of Crime Survivors, Inc. Once I learned her story and why she started Crime Survivors, being herself a survivor of a horrible crime, I understood why I was so impressed. Her heart and soul is into the work she is doing with Crime Survivors. She has helped so many of us to try and survive and strive. She is very encouraging and gives me hope. Thank You Patricia, Thank you Crime Survivors!