I have a favor to ask…!!!

favor to ask
I have a favor to ask…!!! 
On Monday, April 4th, will you take the time to post the following on your social media pages and ask others to also like, share and post? That’s all I’m asking…. Thank You! With Faith, there is Hope..

Post this only… 
I’m sending a smile 🙂 to my friend Patricia and I’m asking all my friends to also share a smile 🙂 with her today on this day, April 4th. It only takes a minute to share a smile 🙂 to brighten someone else’s day and to possibly change and save a life! Today, share a smile 🙂 with everyone you know, even ones you don’t know! It’s impact can be life changing. A smile 🙂 is priceless…!!!
Optional to watch and share to empower others… 
With Faith, there is hope… 
April 4, 2002 is a day I will never, ever forget,,, 
A second birthday of sorts… 

So, I celebrate every year on this day, I refuse to allow that day to be given to anyone else, to be filled with sadness, anger, resentment, fear or pain. It is our choice, so I choose to fill it with God’s blessings, gifts, and a passion and purpose for life and living. Choosing wisely is challenging, but always our choice.
I hope you will join me in celebrating life on Monday, April 4th. I ask for you to go out and do something small or large for someone in your community, or donate to Crime Survivors www.crimesurvivors.org/page/dev/dev or even a Charity of your Choosing, make an impact for someone struggling or in need of a little hope, peace and love. And, share a smile…!!! :)With Faith, there is Hope,,, Muah!!!
On Monday, I will also be sharing a new blog posting… 
Stay Tuned & Smile… 🙂
Hopeful Healing for Survivors - PW