Friends of Marsy's Law

Marsy’s Law – Prop 9 will establish a Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights in the California constitution. Victims and survivors will be guaranteed rights in the investigation, bail, prosecution and parole processes. Victims will be protected from harassment by the criminals and their attorneys. Victims and survivors will be treated with respect and dignity in all phases of the criminal process.

Friends of Marsy’s Law is a voluntary group of citizens banded together to pass Marsy’s Law – Prop 9 on the California November 2008 ballot.

Marsy’s Law belongs to the VICTIMS, it is our law! If we want it passed by the voters, we must get involved. Defeat is not an option; we won’t have another opportunity for victim justice for a generation, a tragedy we can’t allow to happen! We have defeated opponents with big money before, we will win again!

Members are mostly crime survivors, victims, family and friends who suffer every day from the personal and physical affects and the absolute injustice of violent crime. Members are also concerned citizens who want to balance the scales of justice.

Friends of Marsy’s Law is not affiliated with any person, organization, political faction or business. Members are not asked for dues or fees. We do not solicit donations. We are not a public charity, c3 or other. We are individuals determined to pass Marsy’s Law using our constitutional rights to assembly, petition and free speech. We comply with all election requirements to exercise these rights.