Crime Survivors makes an impact…


Ten Years of Supporting, Empowering and Celebrating Survivors
Sharing and Celebrating our Blessings with Survivors

• Distributed more than 5,000  Child and Adult Victim Emergency Bags

• 15,000 CSI Resource Guides have  been distributed throughout Southern California

• Thousands of Victims of  Violent Crime have been helped by Crime Survivors, including: Families of
Murder, Victims of Attempted Murder, Domestic Violence, Rape, Sexual Assault,
Child Abuse, Burglary, Robbery and Elder Abuse

• More than 3,000 of the  Let’s Meet Officer/Deputy Frank Books have been distributed by Crime Survivors  to Child Victims of Crime, Schools, Daycare Centers, Libraries, Hospitals, Law
Enforcement Agencies and Non Profits throughout Southern California

•  Distributed more than 5,500 What’s Happening in Court Books to our  community.

• Crime Survivors has donated more than 1,000 Backpacks with  School Supplies to Victims and their Families, and to other Agencies and Non  Profits throughout Southern California

• More than 100 survivors and  family members served at our Easter Egg Celebration

• More than 100  served at the Halloween Harvest Pumpkin Carving Fun Trick or Treat Night

• More than 725 Complete Turkey Meal Baskets for Survivors and their  Families

• Delivered more than 2,250 Cookie Baskets with more than 55,000  Cookies all donated to ones going above and beyond, wishing them a Happy  Thanksgiving

• Crime Survivors started the Survivors Gift Drive &  Elf’s Holly Day back in 2004 and since this program has started CSI has provided  more than 3,500 Gifts to Survivors and their families

• More than a total  of 10,000 have attended the Survive and Thrive Run Walk Health & Safety Expo
in the past 9 years

• Crime Survivors has had more than 50,000 visits to  our website Sharing our website to friends, family, co-workers and ones in need  of resources, programs and services. Hopeful Healing For Survivors. Awareness. Prevention. Survival

• More than 8,000 Individual Donors, Sponsors and  Supporters

• More than 1,850 Individual Volunteers help to support our  programs, services and events. We could not do it without the support of such  amazing Individuals and that of the CSI Volunteer Team who are dedicated to  providing their time and support to our community

• Assisting and  covering expenses, advocacy and support for survivors for legal assistance,
counseling, therapy and support for parole hearings and court proceedings.

• Providing Self Defense and Safety Classes for ones that have been  Victimized

This is only to name a few of the things that Crime  Survivors has accomplished and this is just the beginning of what is yet to come  in the next decade.

Join our team as a board, council or advisory  member, volunteer and or make a donation to support our program and services.  Your support is crucial. For more information, please contact
[email protected] or (949) 872-7895