Brothers Murder / Families Survival

While the murder of my younger brother Robert Adair was the single most devastating and tragic event to happen in our lives, in many ways it strenghtened us as a family and reaffirmed our faith and belief in the goodness of human nature.
That’s not to say we didn’t go through a very difficult period. We did.
When I spoke to my mom immediately after I heard the news, I could not differentiate between what I thought were screams or hysterical laughter. It’s then that my heart started to race and I got scared. These were the most horrible cries of anguish I have ever heard in my life.
Our dear mother aged 10 years within several months and died of a mysterious auto-immune disorder 4 1/2 years later. She confided in me that there was not a night she went to sleep without crying.
My association w/ Crime Surviviors was mainly w/ the founder, Patricia Wenskunas. She attended one of our JHV monthly meetings about 2 /12 years ago and I’ve been friends w/ her ever since.
She is the heart & soul if you will, – the guiding force of Crime Survivors and she is honest, intelligent and truly a very decent survivor of an attempted murder. She and her organization are well organized and well established in both Los Angeles and Orange counties and put on about 20 or so events per year plus the day-in-and-day-out work of fundraising.
She appears to me to be totally fearless in doing her daily work, and, she can “work a room” as good as any politician I’ve ever seen.
Sincerely,  John