Brea Police Department Partners with Crime Survivors

Billy L. Hutchinson, Chief of Police

Today’s Date:11-12-09Time:0900Release Authorized By:Sgt. Bill Smyser
Date of Incident:11-12-09Time of Incident:N/A
Location:Brea Police Department
Type of Crime or Incident:Brea Police partner with Crime Survivors, Inc.
For additional information contact Sgt. Bill Smyser, PIO, at (714) 990-7620
or after hours, call the on-duty Watch Commander at (714) 990-7624.
In an effort to support the victims of violent crime, the Brea Police Department has partnered with a local victim advocacy group known as Crime Survivors, Inc. Crime Survivors, Inc., based out of Irvine, California, is a non-profit, victim advocacy group that is committed to serving the community by being an advocate and resource for crime victims and their families. Crime Survivors founder and CEO Patricia Wenskunas, a victim of a violent crime herself years ago, established the non-profit organization to work in the community to make victims’ rights a top priority. Crime Survivors facilitate communication and cooperation across various public service, government and non-profit organizations to ensure that victims’ rights are understood, and that the services victims are entitled to are received. Crime Survivors’ vision is for victims of crime to recover from their experience mentally, physically, emotionally and financially, by receiving respect, support and protection from law enforcement, the judicial system and the community.
As part of the partnership, Crime Survivors provides police agencies with child and adult “emergency kits” which are distributed by officers to crime victims. The kits include resource guides, a phone card, toiletries, a DVD explaining the legal system, a mini first aid kit and other items a victim may find useful in the first 72 hours after a crime has occurred. Officers will carry these “emergency kits” in their police vehicles and distribute them when appropriate.
Brea Police Chief Billy Hutchinson said, “The Brea Police Department is proud to serve the cities of Brea and Yorba Linda and of our partnership with Crime Survivors, Inc. The victim of a violent crime is often times lost and confused when the police arrive to assist them.  Crime Survivors, Inc. has made it possible to alleviate a portion of that stress by providing additional victim support.  Crime Survivors helps all of us in the criminal justice system to remember what is truly important: the surviving victim of a crime.”
Crime Survivors partners with the following police agencies:
Anaheim Police Department
Brea Police Department
Chapman Public Safety
Costa Mesa Police Department
Cypress Police Department
Fullerton Police Department
Garden Grove Police Department
La Habra Police Department
Irvine Police Department
Los Alamitos Police Department
Newport Beach Police Department
Orange County Sheriff Department
Placentia Police Department
Santa Ana Police Department
Seal Beach Police Department
UCIrvine Police Department
Westminster  Police Department