Alexis Moore Support Marsy's Law: California Crime Victims Bill

Murders need to stop and the punishment must fit the crime! Murder and violent criminal acts are not acceptable.

In our fight to continue to move forward instead of backwards, in a time when California’s budget crisis seems to be single handedly dismantling many of the safeguards for its citizens that we have come to expect from the last 20 years of victim’s families fighting for justice, we have a major initiative that we need to marshal ourselves around – “Marsy’s Law” – which will be on the November ballot for California.

Marsy’s Law will ensure that all victims are treated with justice and due processes. Crime victims in California must know the justice system works for them and that they will be treated fairly and that if not, they have due recourse within the system. Marsy’s Law gives victims enforceable rights in our criminal justice system and our state constitution. It balances the scale of justice for victims.

Bill Background & Summary:

Marsy was a bright and talented 21-year-old college student with the world in front of her when her life was viciously ripped away in 1983 by her ex-boyfriend. Marsy’s Law is written on behalf of her family who were often treated as though they had no rights while battling to keep her killer behind bars, and inspired by hundreds of thousands of victims of crime who have experienced the additional pain and frustration of a criminal justice system that too often fails to afford victims even the most basic of rights. Marsy’s family is turning their tragedy into a benefit for all of society by fighting for victims to be treated with fairness in our criminal justice system.