A Parent Speaks About Predators

From time to time, a supporter of Crime Survivors Inc. shares a personal experience in an effort to vent, grow, and help others. Please read the following message from an anonymous parent who would like to share their thoughts on child predators:

‘My daughter was the victim of a child sexual predator.  Since this is all too often in the news lately, I feel the need to share what I’ve learned through this tragedy, to help other people be aware. 

Our family is so grateful to all the professionals involved (for your dedication, knowledge and support) and the people that came forward (and helped build a stronger case, to send this child molester to prison!)

I don’t think you ever fully recover from something like this.  Your life is changed forever in many ways.  Anxiety, Depression, Sleepless nights, Anger, Withdrawal Denial and Trust, are a few of the issues we are dealing with.

There is a sick society of child predators out there, that can hide behind great social skills.  Children easily fall prey to the “Grooming Process.”  Statistics show that every 2 minutes someone is sexually abused.  This happens to Boys & Girls, from Toddlers to Teens.

Be cautious of any Adult befriending your child for any need. Coach, Teacher, Babysitter, Friends and Family. There is a boundary that should not be crossed. Sadly, I’ve learned they will even use their own children, to gain access and a comfort level to your child. 

I am urging parents to show up randomly at practice, school or daycare.  No matter what their policy is.  Spouses, team mates, co-workers, often turn a blind eye to what’s happening.

Your child may be threatened, ashamed, or too scared to speak up about what’s happening to them…Silence keeps it happening.   If you, or someone you know, is being sexually abused, please help them or help yourself and find the courage to tell someone. ‘


Good food for thought–and survival.