5 Quick Tips to for Home Safety in the Summer Heat

Summer is approaching and it is going to be a hot one. Do we expose ourselves to more than comfort when we try to  cool off? Would be crooks will be on the prowl, summer or not, so here are some tips to help secure your home and stay cool.

1.)  Keep windows closed and invest in attic fan to help vent your home. They use low amounts of energy and most energy companies provide rebates for their installation. If you have a 2 story home, only vent the upper windows facing the street where visibility is clear and unobstructed.

2.)  Keep shades and curtains closed to help cool the interior. This also makes it harder to see all the cool stuff your have inside by a potential intruder.

3.)  Plant some nice thorny rose bushes or other types of intimidating plants near windows on the ground floor. Peepers and prowlers usually don’t want to tangle with these types of plants.

4.)  Keep side gates locked as most home burglaries are during the day and via the backyard.

5.)  Report suspicious activity to the police. Most burglars case the area prior to striking their target. Suspicious is different in every neighborhood. Perhaps suspicious may be the occupied vehicle parked on the street for hours, the odd solicitor or the person who knocks on the door and is looking for someone who does not live with you.

These ideas are not full proof but they can help.

Have a great summer!

Go Well.