4 Quick Tips to Conquer Road Rage

It always seems like the heat has something to do with people acting strange, more violent and less patient.  This is especially true on our highways. Here are a few quick tips to help you ease into your summer drive…


–       Leave a little earlier: When we are running late it always seems as though everyone is driving too slow and in our way, right?  An extra 10-15 minutes can give you that extra buffer which may be the difference between your ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ personality surfacing.

–       Make the tunes matter: a good dose of death rock will definitely get you in the mood to reach out and touch someone (literally).  If you find your blood boiling and your fingernails sinking into the steering wheel, try some classical or new age music and BREATH-in through the nose, out through the mouth.

–       Forget about winning: many of the fights I have seen over the years come down to ego, good old plain ego.  Nobody wins in a car crash or violent confrontation.  Moreover, if you do feel like cutting someone off that cut you off, I am sure the chemicals you exhausted in your brain and blood pressure you increased will catch you in the long run.

–       Avoid confrontational body language: you know, the ‘bird’ or those other hand gestures that we can be so good at displaying.  Avoid making prolonged eye-contact with angry drivers, they are often looking to evoke a response—turn the other cheek.

As always, go well and be safe!


About the Author- Cameron Knauerhaze is the former CSI Board President and current member of the CSI Council. He is a Orange County, CA Police Sergeant with 16 years experience in patrol, investigations, and community policing. He has a Master’s Degree in Communications and a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management.