2008 Award Recipient – Tracy Morris

Investigator Tracy Morris is an 18 year veteran of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.  Tracy is currently assigned to the Criminal investigations Division-Sex Crimes unit and is being awarded for her success in a “stranger rape” case.

The victim, a 24 year old female was brutally raped while stranded on a freeway after a car accident. The suspect was a local resident posing as a Good Sameritan.

Inv. Morris used all of her investigative skills to bring this case to a quick resolution.  With the help of the victim, who had used her survival skills to provide clues, Morris had identified a potential suspect within 72 hours of the crime.  Morris obtained a search warrant for the suspect’s home and vehicle and recovered items and other physical evidence linking this individual to the crime, and the suspect taken into custody.  By the next day, the individual arrested was positively linked to the crime by DNA evidence.  The suspect is in custody facing a potential life sentence.

Tracy showed great compassion for the victim resulting in the disclosure of critical information.  Tracy maintained contact with the victim after the initial meeting to ensure for her physical and mental well being and is to be commended for her sound investigative practices and for bringing a quick resolution to this “stranger rape” case.