2008 Award Recipient – Tammy Bonvecchio & Mario Gabaldon II

In December 2004, the defendant met with some friends at a local shopping center after work. They walked around and had a bite to eat at one of the center’s restaurants.  However, the defendant didn’t eat anything.  The defendant later admitted drinking four mixed drinks before leaving.   That person then entered a local freeway, driving in the opposite direction and caused a head on collision with the single victim vehicle. The victim suffered extensive trauma, serious bodily injuries and numerous fractures and required numerous surgeries and post surgery therapy/rehabilitation.  The medical bills alone were approximately $200,000.00 and the victim claimed additional restitution for loss of wages and finally, restitution was set at $238,115.15.  The defendant’s attorney requested a restitution hearing so that the court could order restitution at the specified amount.  This in turn provided a way for the policy holder (the defendant’s father) to pressure his insurance to pay the disputed claim without having to make the victim wait for an extensive litigation. Following the restitution hearing, numerous contacts were made with the defendant’s insurance company and that person’s attorney, the victim’s attorney and all other parties involved.  Due to the diligent continued enforcement efforts by the Collection Officer and the Deputy Probation Officer, a check for the full amount of restitution was personally delivered by the victim’s attorney’s office.