2008 Award Recipient – Robin Shirakawa

Investigator Shirakawa is 17 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department.  During her career as an Investigator, Robin has worked and excelled in the Economic Crimes and Domestic Violence units.  Due to Robin’s experience, judgment and investigative skills, she was selected to work in the Sex Crimes unit last year.

In October of 2006, Robin was assigned as the case agent on a “stranger rape” case.  The victim was attacked and choked while on the her job at a hotel.  The assault was so severe that the victim lost consciousness.  When the victim awoke, the suspect had fled and the victim realized she had been sexually assaulted.

Robin escorted the victim to the hospital, where DNA evidence was collected, and remained with the victim and ensured her that every resource available would be used to bring the suspect to justice.  Robin followed dozens of leads generated from her own efforts and from tips from the community.    Finally, in October of 2007, Robin received a break in the case.  Two other asphyxiation and sexual assault cases in Costa Mesa and Anaheim were linked through DNA. Anaheim PD had leads on an individual that closely matched the composites Robin had produced.

Due to a strong reasonable suspicion that this individual was the suspect in these four cases, the suspect was taken into custody in the interest of public safety.  Robin interviewed the suspect and obtained a DNA sample from him positively linking the suspect’s DNA to the four previous crimes.  With this forensic evidence, the DA’s Office accepted and filed the case.  The suspect is currently incarcerated in the Orange County jail facing charges on the rapes and murder.