2008 Award Recipient Paul Bixby, Maria Turner and Todd Thomas

Paul Bixby, Maria Turner and Todd Thomas exemplify the type of teamwork that can bring justice for multiple victims in a “white collar” crime and is an excellent testimony of dedicated service to our community. There were two victims in this as a result of a transaction made through an Ebay service provider, the seller and buyer of the item.   An employee of this provider, who was involved with the transaction and was responsible for delivering monies owed to the seller, instead kept the money, which resulted in a complaint being filed, followed by an investigation by Paul Bixby and the suspect being charged with Grand Theft. The company’s employee pleaded guilty and the Court ordered restitution to be paid with a specified dollar amount.  Detective Paul Bixby of the Laguna Beach Police Department believed that the specified restitution amount was not sufficient to cover the loss incurred by both victims.  CO Turner was contacted initially by Detective Bixby and subsequently, Detective Bixby, the DA’s office, and then Deputy Probation Officer Thomas worked together to staff the matter in court. Ultimately, the Court ordered the defendant to fully pay the original amount owed, and on March 13, 2007, the full restitution payment was processed.  CO Turner spoke with both victims throughout the process, and worked with DPO Thomas to ensure the most favorable outcome possible in this case and that justice was served.