2008 Award Recipient – Myrna Caballero

Investigator Myrna Caballero is a 20 year veteran of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and is currently assigned to the Criminal Investigation Divisions Sex Crimes Unit where she is responsible for investigating highly sensitive and delicate sexual assault on children and adults. 

Myrna was tasked with investigating a sexual assault case involving a victim who had been sexually assaulted by her step-father for over 20 years.  Myrna met with and comforted the victim on several occasions and ensured her that she would make every effort to bring closure to the case while maintaining her confidentiality and confidence.  After building this rapport, the victim was empowered to proceed with the investigation, resulting in Myrna obtaining evidence proving the suspect’s guilt and corroborated the victim’s statements.

The suspect has been taken into custody and is awaiting trial.  Because of Myrna’s efforts and her compassion for the victim, the victim has now begun the healing process and is moving on with her life.  Myrna is to be commended for her daily efforts in this case and others she investigates.