2008 Award Recipient – Kerry Condon

In November 2006, Gabriela Herrera was reported missing.  She was thirty two years old, the mother of two small boys and was recently married.  The husband did not appear bothered by her disappearance and made little effort to assist Detectives and avoided contact with her family.  Three days after his wife disappeared, the husband moved out of their apartment and went into hiding. A few days later, Gabriela’s body was found buried in leaves along a Los Angeles freeway embankment.

Detective Kerry Condon was assigned the case.  Although the husband was the subject of suspicion, there was insufficient evidence to hold him accountable for his wife’s murder. Detective Condon had to solve a challenging homicide case and also assure the victim’s family that everything possible was being done.  Detective Condon spent hours with the family members reviewing the case and including them in the investigation. He built trust with Gabriela’s family and they felt confident that Detective Condon would eventually catch their sister’s murderer.

After an exhaustive investigation, Detective Condon arrested Gabriela’s husband for murder in 2007.  As of yet, the case has not gone to trial. However, Detective Condon talks to Gabriela’s family on a regular basis.  The trust and mutual respect they share is unique.  This case truly demonstrates how Detective Condon appreciates his enormous role of Detective as well as representative.  He works for and represents the call for justice from the deceased victims as well as all who loved them.