2008 Award Recipient – Jim Peterson

Jim Peterson has been with TIP for about 1 year.  He is dedicated and very involved, taking extra calls even when not on call.

On July 4, 2007, Jim was called to a residence in Irvine.  A young couple, who had been living together for about 7 years, had a 15mo. old daughter…after a day of drinking an argument ensued, fighting over the small child.  The boyfriend stabbed his girlfriend and tried to kill himself.  The girls’ mom, living with the couple, grabbed the little girl and fled from the home trying to get help.

Jim spent the next three hours with the Mother (grandmother) and small girl at the police station. Working with the Police Dept. Chaplain and Social Services, they were able to get Grandma temporary custody of the little girl.  They proceeded to the hospital where they were performing surgery on the young lady who was stabbed.  He stayed with the family for the next 6 hours waiting on the outcome of the young lady in surgery…Even as family began to arrive, Jim stayed with Grandma, because of the bond that had developed and his genuine caring for her well being.