2008 Award Recipient – Jeff Brown

Investigator Jeff Brown is a 21 year veteran of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.  Jeff has held a variety of positions and is currently assigned to the Sex Crimes Unit where he is responsible for investigating highly sensitive and delicate sexual assault on children and adults.  In addition, Jeff develops and presents courses on child safety to various civic groups in Orange County, including courses dedicated to parents protecting their children from internet predators.

Earlier this year, Jeff was assigned to investigate a case where a convicted sex offender had embedded himself with a single mother of two.  Jeff recovered evidence indicating the suspect had sexually assaulted a minor female victim.  Since this case is still being adjudicated, specifics can be disclosed.  However, Jeff conducted a very thorough investigation and recovered evidence from the suspect’s computer that showed his guilt.  Apparently, the suspect had assaulted the victim while she slept and she was unaware of the assaults. 

Due to Jeff’s excellent investigative skills and knowledge of convicted sex offenders, he was able to present an air tight case to the DA’s office who filed a number of felony charges.  The suspect is still in custody facing life in prison.  Jeff is to be commended for his efforts in this investigation which uphold the highest traditions of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.