2008 Award Recipient Jana Harden

Jana Harden has been a loyal and effective victim advocate for the past nine years.   In her primary role as advocate providing assistance to victims, she is incredibly persistent and diligent in making sure that all crime victims “under her watch” receive the personal attention and support that is so deserved.Jana has an easy going personality and is eager to help in any way that she can. She contacts or makes every effort to contact everyone of our victims of CAP crimes, offering resources and support to victims as the process of healing and court proceedings take place. While she provides many personalized services, she has on more than one occasion personally sat with victims at court as trials occur, escorted and assisted victims in obtaining restraining orders, and has placed numerous victims in safe houses. Jana also has a great working relationship with the detectives. She works side by side with them, and often responds with them on victim contacts. She provides the detectives with up to date information regarding the victims and keeps up to date and thorough records on all of her victim contacts.   This attention to details not only makes the detectives’ jobs easier, but ensures that each victim receives the best, most personalized assistance possible.