2008 Award Recipient – Eric Kaesman

Investigator Eric Kaesman is a 24 year law enforcement veteran.  Eric began his career in law enforcement with the Stanton Police Department and is currently assigned to the Sex Crimes Unit where he is responsible for investigating highly sensitive and delicate sexual assault on children and adults. 

Eric has handled a number of significant cases this year including taking a serial rapist into custody who had been preying on intoxicated women in southern Orange County.  He was originally arrested by a local agency but no charges were filed since these types of cases are traditionally difficult to corroborate.  Shortly after the first assault, the suspect was identified as the suspect in another rape with similar circumstances.  The suspect was taken into custody and eventually released on bail.

While out on bail, the suspect committed a third rape. Eric conducted a thorough investigation and believing that there were more victims, distributed a press release which helped identify four additional victims.  The suspect is now facing life in prison.

Due to Eric’s excellent investigative skills and by going the extra mile to locate and identify additional victims, this sexual predator has been taken off of the streets and is no longer a threat to the public.