2008 Award Recipient – Cindy Nagamatsu Hanlon

Cindy is state certified as both a domestic violence victim advocate and a sexual assault victim advocate, and is a tireless worker that has made significant contributions in her community for victims of domestic and violent crimes.  She lobbied for several years to establish a working partnership with one of the major domestic violence shelters in Orange County, which resulted in having an in-house shelter advocate at their department who works closely with their domestic violence investigators in assisting victims as well as providing awareness and prevention presentations for their community.  Cindy is often the first person called for advice, resources and/or referrals for crime victims.  She often goes in person to spend time with the victims to offer comfort, resources and encouragement, and providing counseling about the reporting process. She often remains with the victim after calling an officer out to take a report so that she can provide a supportive presence for them during what is often the most difficult first step. 

Cindy created her department’s assistance outreach for victims of crimes against property (i.e. residential burglary), a program that utilizes her Department’s police volunteers who offer free home security inspections, initiation of Neighborhood Watches, and crime prevention tips and resources. 

Lastly, Cindy founded and facilitates two community outreach programs that offer hope, encouragement, assistance and empowerment to individuals and families that have experienced some type of violence in their lives.  She donates her personal time to this wonderful cause.