2008 Award Recipient – Amy Quiroz

Amy has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from CSUSB, as well Intermediate and Advanced Certificates from the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.  In 2006 she was the recipient of the Laurence J. Stein award for investigative excellence and in February 2008 received the Meritorious Service Award for her outstanding investigative work during 2007.

Det. Quiroz is the senior CAP detective in the Portola area.  She is both an informal leader and subject matter expert.  Her expertise has been honed through working several homicides, in addition to several other significant CAP cases.    With her experience and knowledge, she is often a resource for other detectives and patrol officers.  She has demonstrated outstanding initiative, and has been able to readily adapt to what is a fluid and dynamic caseload.

Det. Quiroz investigations often take her into the community where she does an outstanding job representing the department.  She trains CSP personnel in homicide response, and educates children and their parents in child safety and child sexual abuse.   She is compassionate and professional and exhibits a sincere interest in the problems and viewpoints of others.

Det. Quiroz was personally responsible for significant and successful case investigations during 2007, resulting in the rapid apprehension and arrest of suspects