2008 Award Recipient – Adeline Hayes

Investigator Hayes has worked for the Santa Ana Police Department for approximately thirty years and is currently assigned to the Family Crimes Section in the Investigations Bureau investigating domestic violence crimes.   Investigator Hayes is also part of the department’s Community Relations Team (CRT), and she regularly volunteers her time to perform presentations at the local schools, neighborhood association meetings and community organizations.  She routinely receives feedback from crime victims on cases she was assigned commending her investigative efforts and her compassion and concern.

In June of 2007, Investigator Hayes was assigned a domestic violence case in which the victim was assaulted by her paroled boyfriend, and suffered a traumatic injury.  Typically, a case like this is submitted to the district attorney’s office and a warrant is issued, but Investigator Hayes took extra care to ensure the victim was aware of the judicial process and of available victim services.  Investigator Hayes walked through a criminal complaint and obtained an arrest warrant. The suspect was arrested and subsequently pled out the case and was sentenced to thirteen months in prison. This is just one of many examples of how Investigator Hayes develops a bond with victims in her cases, promptly investigates them and ensures victim services are available to them.

With domestic violence case, experience has shown that punishment and counseling should occur immediately. Swift investigative responses are critical to breaking the cycle of violence. Absent immediate investigative and social intervention, continued abuse is common. Investigator Hayes understands this and applies this philosophy to her daily case-load.